I love reading. And I love learning. And I want to share my passion with other people.

For 3 years now, I have kept what I call my book of books, in an effort to try to remember more of what I read. When I’m reading a book, I put wee sticky notes over quotes that I find particularly interesting or thought provoking. Once I’ve finished the book, I write all of these quotes down in my book of books.

My blog will be an online collection of the book summaries I write in my book of books. I have always been incredibly curious, and I would be hard pushed to think of a topic I wouldn’t like to know more about! I hope that there will be something for everyone, whether that’s politics and current affairs, medicine, zoology, fiction or biographies. I have to confess that I know very little about very little, perhaps apart from science (which I have studied in one form or another for the past 4 years). I can only apologise in advance for the inevitable grammatical error, spelling mistake, or general lack of writing finesse- I will endeavour to improve! I would love the blogs to serve as a cue for discussion so PLEASE leave comments with your thoughts, ESPECIALLY if it’s an area you know a lot about!

The blog will serve as a diary of my journey towards wisdom, as defined by the Albert Einstein quote at the top of this page.